In a youth sports culture that often prioritizes performance over potential and winning at all cost over honorable, positive character, the Lionheart Sports Foundation stands in the gap. For the young boy or girl who awakens to the dream of playing a sport, being part of a team, having fun, and growing into the best student-athlete they can be, the Lionheart Sports Foundation rises to support and guide them along their journey wherever they cross the starting line.lionheart-sports-foundation-logo

At the Lionheart Sports Foundation, we realize that many new athletes are challenged by many varying factors, to include size, ability, knowledge, family dynamics, transportation, equipment costs, registration fees, and financial constraints.  Many of these factors can stop the dream for the young aspiring athletes in their tracks before they even get started.  It is our goal and intent to provide the ability and platform for worthy candidates who seek support to have access to sports, including the fast-growing sport of Lacrosse.   As with many other sports, the cost to participate in Lacrosse can become considerable when parents manage the entry fees, equipment, uniforms, travel, camps, and beyond.  While these may be obstacles to participation, we believe the value of sports and Lacrosse to enhance a child’s life far exceed the challenges that the athlete may face.  We believe that sports provide an important avenue to teach the importance of fitness, the mindset of team, and moral character, while offering a space for youth athletes “to be kids” – to have fun in a safe environment and enjoy being around positive friends.  With that in my mind and in light of our love of the game, the Lionheart Sports Foundation stands beside these aspiring athletes to provide access to sports and Lacrosse whenever the need arises.

The Lionheart Sports Foundation serves athletes along their journey by focusing on personal character development, leadership, and sports ability – “attitude, work ethic, and skill”.  We believe that one’s mindset and character lead the way long before an athlete crosses the line into their sports journey.  A positive mental attitude and honorable character will be their navigator as they face additional challenges, triumphs and adversity, during their participation in academics and athletics.  With the heart of a Lion, we step up to mentor, support, teach and empower the athlete to lead and live by positive values, to include courage, compassion, honor, integrity, truth, and generosity.

The Lionheart Sports Foundation, therefore, stands for athletes as a bridge from potential to participation … from participation to performance.  We serve and enable athletes on their journey from enthusiasm to excellence … from faith in a dream to fun.  In doing so, we strive to see the day that the athletes we empower will also honor the generous mindset of the foundation and pay it forward to other aspiring athletes along the way.


The Foundation welcomes any donations to improve the game with the Lionheart Sports Foundation! We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization!